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How does the CyberKnife work?

The CyberKnife, paired with other hospital imaging technology, allows our specialists to customize a treatment plan for each patient. Our surgeons and radiation oncologists specify what tissue needs to be treated and which areas must be spared. The physicists then use a complex program to determine a treatment plan for each patient based on the unique shape and location of the tumor. The planning process determines the positions of the beams of radiation.

Through the use of technology, the CyberKnife system locates the position of the tumor and uses a robotic arm to deliver highly focused beams of radiation to the tumor. The robotic arm's range of motion allows for radiation to be delivered to tumor sites that are unreachable when using most other stereotactic treatment procedures.

Because of its high precision, the CyberKnife can, without surgical incisions, go inside the body to achieve a surgical-like treatment. There are two CyberKnife programs available in the St. Louis area operated exclusively by Saint Louis University Hospital. Patients can be scheduled for treatment at the Midtown St. Louis or Lake Saint Louis locations.

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