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Customize Your Patient's Treatment Plan CyberKnife physician consulting with patient.

The CyberKnife may be a viable option for your patient. It's flexible arm makes a wider range of treatment plans possible.

Radiosurgery using the CyberKnife generally requires one to five treatments. After the patient's preliminary appointment, a noninvasive customized facemask or, for spine patients, a body restraining device is prepared to help immobilize the head or body. Computerized images of the tumor and surrounding tissue are produced and are used by the medical staff to target lesions and exclude sensitive structures. Patients undergoing treatment for lung or certain other extracranial tumors or lesions may require placement of fiducials or "markers" near the tumor. This is done prior to treatment.

On the day of treatment, the patient rests on a table while the CyberKnife delivers radiation. Treatments comprise 60- to 90-minute sessions. Afterward, patients can return to normal activities with no side effects.

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