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The CyberKnife is a non-invasive radio surgery system.

In some cases, the CyberKnife is a viable alternative to open surgery. That means no incision or scalpel. That means no blood loss and no anesthesia required for treatment. The CyberKnife presents fewer complications than traditional surgery such as infection, hemorrhage or nerve damage. The ease of treatment allows for a better quality of life during and after treatment.

The CyberKnife operates with incredible accuracy.

When receiving radiation therapy, surrounding healthy tissue may be damaged throughout the course of treatment. The CyberKnife utilizes intelligent robotics and targeted radiation beams to treat tumors anywhere in the body with pin-point precision. The ability for the system to automatically track, detect and correct for tumor and patient movement throughout the treatment minimizes the damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

The CyberKnife gives people a new hope.

Often times, a patient is faced with a tumor that is in a difficult-to-treat location or has a medical history that rules out surgery as an option. The CyberKnife allows for better access to hard-to-reach, larger or previously inoperable tumors. It can also be used in the treatment of lesions that have previously undergone the maximum allowed dose of traditional radiation therapy. The CyberKnife gives people a new hope in cancer treatment.


Schedule a Second Opinion Appointment

Advancements in technology have allowed physicians to approach the treatment of different medical conditions in various ways. It is very common and widely accepted to seek out a second opinion for your medical treatment. Treatment with the CyberKnife is often a useful compliment to existing tumor or lesion therapy planned for and provided by your current doctor. You can schedule a Second Opinion Appointment to evaluate whether or not CyberKnife treatment is a viable compliment to your existing therapies. Worried about having to switch from the care of your current doctor? CyberKnife treatments with Saint Louis University Hospital's CyberKnife Systems are operated under the guidance of SLUCare physicians. SLUCare CyberKnife physicians will work closely with your current doctor to provide CyberKnife treatment, while the primary navigation of your cancer care is still managed by your current doctor.


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